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We offer competitive payment options from cash, credit, or collateral.

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If you find a better rate in the local Washington, D.C. or Fairfax, VA area - we'll match it.

Bail Payment Plans

We're here to help. We can offer a payment plan in order to bail your loved one out of a Fairfax VA detention center/jail.

Fairfax Virginia Bail Bond Company

Listen, when your loved one finds themselves in a Fairfax, VA detention center or jail it isn't a great experience and your goal is to get them out of that space as fast as possible. We understand that these are unexpected occurrences - and as such you don't plan for these types of expenses.

We have existing relationships with Fairfax VA and local county jails to quickly get your loved one out of jail. Our experienced bondsmen have been executing bail for over 25+ years and we're ready to help you. Our bail bonds are executed and backed by national insurance companies to ensure we can expedite the process for you.

Our goal is to provide a painless experience for you and your loved one. Call us today to start the bail bonds process around the clock. We're available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


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